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Commercial Boilers

Commercial Boiler

Boiler Type “C” Style, Three Pass, Low Pressure Boiler rated for 30 Psig water pressure (other pressures available). Three Pass design provides maximum heat transfer with low stack temperature. The boiler is designed and constructed to the A.S.M.E. low-pressure boiler code and meets all the requirements of the authorities of the Provinces of Canada.

The boiler’s extra large combustion volume assures complete combustion of solid fuels, clean firing and unrestricted gas flow. The large firebox with arched crown sheet provides and exceptionally high proportion of the primary (radiant) heating surface which is many times more efficient than secondary (indirect) heating surface. The firebox boilers are used in automatically fired Solid Fuel systems all over North America. Supplied boiler horsepower ranges from 50 – 300 BHP (other sizes available).

Special Boiler features used for Solid Fuel combustion systems:

* ASME Boiler Code Certification
* 3-Pass full wet back design for maximum durability and economy
* Open furnace bottom for stoker installation
* Hinged furnace access door; front, rear or side 16 or 20 inch diameter
* Custom rear flue gas box outlet
* Abundant heat transfer surface per boiler horsepower
* Outstanding inspection access as well as quick and easy maintenance
* Flushout and inspection openings are 3×4 inch hand-hole type.
* Covered with mineral insulation and steel jacket

commercial boiler

Introducing a revolutionary solid fuel heating system. Designed and manufactured to assure the most efficient combustion of solid fuels, while maintaining low emissions.

Our system design incorporates the three components required for efficient combustion of any solid fuel. They are:

* Time
* Temperature and
* Turbulence

Time is achieved in the Btu/Hr per square foot of grate area and the Btu/Hr per cubic foot of furnace volume. The chain grate stoker design has a significant advantage over other systems. The system provides a large area of the grate that is conservatively designed to assure a complete combustion of any solid fuel. For example, a 100 BHP (3,500,000 BTUs) solid fuel combustion system requires (based on 7,000 Btu/Lb of solid fuel) approximately 10 FT² of grate area for proper fuel combustion. Only chain grate stoker system design can meet these criteria.

Temperature is achieved by the amount of refractory near the fuel feed and on the walls of the combustion chamber. Our combustion chamber is lined with high temperature insulation and refractory that keeps the heat in and provides the required environment for solid fuel combustion.

Turbulence is achieved by supplying additional combustion air above the second zone from the front wall directed toward the top of the grate at the rear of the stoker. The combination of combustion air (air passing through the fuel bed) and over-fire air (OFA) provides turbulence required for rapid and complete combustion of solid fuel.

Control of both the quantity and the distribution of combustion air are apportioned by the combustion control system via the use of dampers and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).
The following is an outline of all the system components that are required for a proper operation of the system and are part of a package sold.

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